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We allow the TEENS to conduct bible studies, lead worship, pray and let them experience God in their own way. It's not a Religion but a Relationship!


Putting the tools in the hands of TEENS to allow them to paint their own picture as they develop into leaders, entrepreneurs, etc, while enhancing their gifts.


We build an atmosphere of trust, security, and love, to teach TEENS that, though you come from different backgrounds, cultures or races, we can all be like a big family through our respect, support and care of each other. No matter what life throws at you, we want to have a place of safety to deal!


What would life be like for a TEEN who never has fun? We want them to enjoy their place as they meet new people, as they learn to serve and as they learn to laugh. Whether through athletics, skating, theater, karaoke, or just hanging out with friends, this is the fun needed.


There Is Hope

There is HELP, too. Reaching out is the last step you'll make alone.

Get Involved

Are you a teen looking to get involved with 4thirTEEN? Simply fill out this form and check out our upcoming events on our Events page, or on Facebook. We can't wait to see you!